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High Flying Visitors

By Les Besser “Are owls really as wise as we think they are?” I asked the Raptor Institute lecturer at a recent LCG presentation about birds of prey. “Not at all,” replied the man. “A large portion of the owl’s head is taken up by their unusually large eyes—their...

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Perfect Putting Power

By Les Besser Six-and-a-half-years ago, Activities Director, Michele Chaffee, asked resident Steve Blumberg to assume the responsibilities of the Lakeside putting competition. At that time, only five or six residents met monthly to compare their putting skills — even...

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We Love a Parade

By JoAnn Mullen See how they prance, those graceful, sequined flag-spinners! Look! Here come the spangled drummers and bugle corps—tubas as gold as sunken suns and music to our ears. Our eyes widen at the sight of all the shiny instruments, bright, jauntily carried as...

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Happy Tappers with Yvonne

By Pat Grant La Costa Glen’s long-time tap dancing instructor, Yvonne Romano, comes to work on her bicycle, “whenever I can,” she says. Energetic and enthusiastic, she has taught tap dancing at LCG for 12 years. The classes are held Mondays and Wednesdays at 1:00pm,...

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Tech Group

By Pat Grant The Technology Group has recently formed with the idea of sharing the amazing experiences in technology among a number of our LCG residents. The organizers, Fred Johansen, John Rawls, Charlie Ahlfeld, and Bur Goode, have begun a schedule of Technology...

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Becoming a Walker

By Les Besser My dear wife, Susan, enjoys walking and takes our labradoodle for long, leisurely strolls. As a former runner, I prefer faster-paced activities, like soccer and volleyball. Gradually I’ve switched to racquetball and table-tennis—and more recently to...

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Kathleen DeLeo: Associate Executive Director

By Pat Grant Kathleen DeLeo, our new Associate Executive Director, presents herself as a friendly, competent, outgoing person with a great smile and a good sense of humor—all useful qualities in the #2 person in management at La Costa Glen. Her areas of responsibility...

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Marine Corps to Nursing

By Les Besser Born and raised in Jackson, MS, Mario Preston, our Assistant Resident Services Director, came to California after joining the Marines in 1997. Although deployed several times to various foreign countries, including Iraq, his base had remained at Camp...

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Wild Rides with Dad

By Carole Eibelheuser Dad worked very long hours six days a week in his grocery store. So, when we vacationed as a family, he became playful and full of adventure for us. During our summertime visits to Pennsylvania to see Mom’s family, Dad would find us a “Whoopee”...

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An Early California Farmer

Contributed by Luene Corwin My grandfather, Harlan Cate, showed walnuts as the source of his income when the first income tax was implemented. His father, at the age of 9, had come to California in a covered wagon in 1864. With only one other wagon, they came to So...

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