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We have been living at La Costa Glen for almost nine years. Over time, there have been many changes in technology, medicine, and travel. If you want to keep up, La Costa Glen offers many experts in technology, both by outside speakers and residents. There are monthly medical lectures in areas of interest to seniors. Free lessons about computers and cell phones keep us able to communicate and store info. Fellow residents have interesting and unusual life experiences. There are many special hobby and music groups. Being active is easy. Retirement is further living at your own pace.

Charles G.

I have lived at La Costa Glen for seven-and-a-half years. Many professional people live here. I enjoy meeting people whose knowledge, work experience, and travel span are diverse and interesting. Because I have always worked with people professionally, I have an opportunity to be on committees that are worthwhile. I have utilized and recognized the high caliber of the physical therapy services and activities. We are as physically active as we desire. I enjoy and appreciate the wide subject talks, ranging from “growing old gracefully,” to “swallowing techniques.”

I will summarize by saying I believe mine and my husband’s decision to move to La Costa Glen was a mature one, taking into account our senior years of preparing for what lies ahead.

Judy L.

Transportation at La Costa Glen is FABULOUS. When I had to go to the hospital in an ambulance, Richard from transportation came and got me after hours and brought me home. The helpful and friendly staff are one of the many reasons why I love living here!

Jaynette L.

Great place to live. The campus is beautiful, there are many friendly and interesting people, and a large variety of activities: exercise classes, art classes, book discussions, dance, golf, pickleball, tennis, swimming, bocce ball, horseshoes, shuffleboard, movies, five dining venues, bridge, other card games, and much more.

Ginni D.

My fellow gardeners, Joe and John, came to my rescue as my boysenberry and raspberry vines were growing out of control and beyond my plot limits in the north garden. They took charge in cutting back and fence the vines within my space and allowing them to come into production. A true spirit of being garden neighbors in helpfulness.

Jack J.

I moved to La Costa glen during the pandemic – I was able to get my vaccine here at and it was very well organized. La Costa Glen is a great place to live, and the other residents and the staff are very helpful and friendly. My cat loves it here too! The food is delicious, and I love both the indoor pool and outdoor pool and the beautiful grounds.

My mother was also a resident, so I knew nothing could compare. This is a great place to be, and the community is friendly and supportive. Highly recommend.

Kathleen H.

I have lived at La Costa Glen for 13 years and moving here was the best decision that my husband and I ever made. We knew we wanted to live in a Continuing Care Retirement Community, but never dreamed we’d find one so beautiful with every amenity that we could imagine. With the GlenBrook Health Center – with assisted living, skilled nursing and memory care – as a part of our contract, we knew we would never be a burden to our children as we aged.

My husband passed away after five years of living here, and the kind, loving support from all my friends and fellow residents made the adjustment easier than if I still lived in my home of 50 years. Others will tell you about the fantastic amenities at La Costa Glen, but the real attraction is the people, the fellow residents and the staff. Wonderful, wonderful people – who become family!

Carolyn L.

I have been living at La Costa Glen for six years and enjoy the whole experience. Beautiful grounds, friendly, interesting residents, and a large variety of activities and clubs. The staff really cares about making the community a great place for the residents. They went above and beyond to keep us all safe during COVID-19.

Virginia D.

I’ve lived at La Costa Glen for almost five years. It’s a gorgeous place and I feel very proud to be able to live here. There is a tremendous variety of activities – something for everyone. The staff is wonderful! I find that the residents are amazing with diverse and often stellar backgrounds. I have only good things to say!

Carol D.

La Costa Glen more than met our expectations, which were extremely high. It’s the perfect place for people to spend their retirement years.

William V.

There was no doubt we wanted a CCRC (Continuous Care Retirement Community) where, should we get seriously ill, there would be a place which would take care of us. We visited six of the major retirement homes in the San Diego area. When we visited La Costa Glen, we immediately felt at home. The ambiance and environment reminded us of places we had previously lived.

There are many benefits associated with living at La Costa Glen, including two swimming pools, a pitch-and-put golf course, tennis and pickleball courts, excellent dining room with gourmet menus, and activities – too many to mention.

One night when we were having dinner, a server came to our table and wished me a happy birthday. I asked him how he knew it was my birthday. He said because his birthday was on the same day. I mention this because it exemplifies the caring nature of the La Costa Glen staff.

My wife and I have looked ahead to the time when we may need skilled nursing. You can talk about all the benefits that a retirement home has, such as good food, recreation activities, etc., but those are a given. Should one of us become incapacitated, the care which would be required when living in your own home could be a disaster – from 24/7 help to the expenses. This concern is minimized because we are at La Costa Glen.

Being at a first-class, professionally run facility with caring staff is very important to us. When the alternative is considered, there is no alternative. La Costa Glan is where we want to be.

Richard P.

I’ve been here for five years, and I love it. I’m a bit younger than many residents, but it doesn’t matter. It’s a vibrant and active group! There’s so much to do here – La Costa Glen offers many trips: symphony, plays, opera, baseball games, museums, the list is long. Definitely worth a visit and tour.

Lyn F.

I’ve lived at La Costa Glen for three years. I’ve made many friends, the staff is very helpful, and our food and service are to be envied. I recommended to all my friends!

Frances G.

I have lived at La Costa Glen for 17 years and seen all the positive changes as the community has grown to its present size. I feel safe and well cared for by the friendly and compassionate staff. Over the years, I have made many friends who have become true gifts in my life. The activities shared with friends on committees have given me purpose. I look forward to each day with gratitude.

Carole E.

We have lived at La Costa Glen for nearly three years. It is an amazing, beautiful community. The food is great, the surroundings are great, and the people are wonderful. It is a joy to wake up here every morning.

Kathleen C.

We have lived at La Costa Glen for nearly three years. It is an amazing, beautiful community. The food is great, the surroundings are great, and the people are wonderful. It is a joy to wake up here every morning.

Kathleen C.

The La Costa Glen residents make the place so special. There are over 200 clubs to choose from, and activities from bridge to pickleball! The grounds are beautiful and there’s access to The Forum shops out the rear gate. GlenBrook is our outstanding health care center. I enjoy the trips to stores and excursions to many venues, such as live theater. You will love it here.

James F.

I have lived at La Costa Glen for almost seven years. I appreciate the variety of activities, excursions, clubs, etc., that are available to us. You also have the opportunity to do nothing but enjoy the gardens, waterfalls, and parklike environment.

The staff at La Costa Glen kept us safe during the COVID pandemic – I applaud them. I am happy that I am able to live here.

Collyn Y.

In my fitness class, Patti calls us her “rock stars,” and at 87 years old, it makes me feel special, even giddy. La Costa Glen has been my home for the past four-and-a-half years since moving clear across the country from Massachusetts. When most activities shut down during COVID, the fitness classes continued, safely spaced and outdoors. Now that we have moved inside, I almost miss hearing the birds sing as well as taking in the fresh air and fragrant landscaping.

Most of all, we remained safe! Masks were strictly enforced, and meals were delivered. Some days, special treats of flowers, ice cream carts and other goodies arrived to soften our impatience and the limitations of confinement. Now that we’re vaccinated, the dining rooms have reopened as well as the computer classes, tennis and pickleball courts, bridge games, beach walks, movies and more. We are back to living the ideal life that was expected. I am happy to call La Costa Glen my home.

Evelyn S.

La Costa Glen is a wonderful place to live. Considering safety, comfort, food, activities, delightful folks to be your friends, entertainment, beautiful landscaping, location, convenience and much more, we’re in the perfect spot to live out our later years. I would heartily recommend La Costa Glen to anyone.

Lori R.

I moved into La Costa Glen five weeks before the COVID-19 shutdown. I was able to meet several wonderful residents and keep in touch with them during the very trying time of COVID. However, the absolutely fabulous staff at La Costa Glen was able to change things up on a dime!

A hotline was established for us to order our daily meal and it was delivered directly to our door nightly. They even started delivering little breakfast bags to help us stay out of grocery stores. The doorbell would ring several days a week with either an ice cream cart, a coffee and pastry cart, or a Margarita cart! Exercise equipment was moved outside, tents were erected to let us enjoy sitting in the shade (with our masks on), and exercise classes were run on our TV to keep us fit. The Fourth of July was celebrated with a flat-bed truck driving through the campus with a band playing great patriotic music.

My first year here was held in quarantine, but I could not have wished for a better place to get through it.  Things are now getting back to normal, and I am looking forward to many years of this wonderful service in the future. I am surely blessed to be in a place that cares!

Dianne D.

I feel blessed to be able to live at la Costa Glen. It is important to me to have staff on my side – It is always “how can I help you?” in any situation. Also important is financial soundness. Our community is in excellent financial status and not all senior living facilities are today. I look out my window and see trees, grounds for long walks and beautiful flowers. Because we are large, we have every amenity and activity one could desire. It is amazing to me how welcoming everyone is to new residents whether a couple or single.

During COVID, I felt well taken care of in every way – I even had my vaccination on site. Our meals were delivered to our door and the staff delivered delicious meals in a bag.

I find living is easy and I am ready for that after all those years maintaining a home. I just play every day now! Thanks, La Costa Glen.

Carol S.

My wife and I have lived in La Costa Glen for four years. We moved here for security, comfort, and enjoyment through various activities and socializing. Despite COVID-19-related restrictions, which are now being lifted, we are happy with our decision to live in a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC). It is located close to the Pacific Ocean and downtown San Diego and has perfect weather year-round. The staff tries their best to meet the needs of residents and please them.

Once you decide to move into a CCRC, La Costa Glen is ideal. It has apartments as well as villas to choose from. Marketing personnel are very friendly and are happy to see people considering moving to a CCRC. They can answer your questions and don’t apply any pressure. This is a good time to consider La Costa Glen. Almost all residents have been vaccinated; it is a safe place to live.

Mahendr K.

I’m relatively new to La Costa Glen, having moved in October 2020, right in the middle of the pandemic when many of the amenities and activities were shut down. Despite that, I instantly fell in love with the place. It’s like living in a beautiful resort.

The residents are so friendly and welcoming, and the staff go out of their way to be helpful. The landscaping is spectacular and constantly maintained and updated according to the season. There are dining rooms to choose from every day as well as a spectacular weekend brunch. Exercise classes, gyms and two pools are available for keeping in shape.

Now that COVID restrictions are loosening up, many more social activities are available, such as dance lessons, bridge and board game groups, art classes, beach walks and off-campus day trips. Those who choose to can participate in putting contests, bocce ball, pickleball and tennis. Every couple of weeks there are outdoor concerts with wine and snacks for the many attendees.

Should the need arise, there is GlenBrook nearby for assisted living, memory care or skilled nursing with rehabilitation after surgery or other short-term health issues.

My personal favorite of the day is the continental breakfast on the patio where many residents gather for a couple of minutes or a couple of hours. A great way to meet people and start the day!

Jo-Ann P.

Near the ocean, La Costa Glen is like a cruise ship on land. Creative meals are provided daily. My mind is stimulated in thought-provoking classes. Surroundings are safe for walks and talented performers are scheduled weekly. La Costa Glen stands tall as a beautiful, secluded community. My husband and I love it here.

Carol P.

How lucky I was to be living here when COVID struck. The management kept us safe and well fed – it was great. We never felt isolated, and we got our vaccinations early. Important updates got out to our families in a timely way. Us residents keep reminding each other just how lucky we are to be here.

Sidney W.

My mom moved into La Costa Glen in February, and so far, so good! Carolynn and her team helped us through the entire process, from choosing a unit in her price range, to picking carpet and paint, to answering all of our many questions in a timely and professional manner.

The staff and residents have been warm and welcoming, the food is delicious, and the grounds are well-maintained and beautiful. Mom swims regularly in the lovely and warm indoor pool, attends art classes, enjoys outdoor concerts, takes the weekly shuttle to Target, meets friends for morning coffee chats, and is trying to learn a little bridge. My sisters and I are so happy that Mom is in this safe, caring, fun community.

Liana N.

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