By Pat Grant

The F&B Department is scheduling one Chef Forum per month. The purpose of the Forum, according to Executive Chef Julian Bedolla and Executive Sous Chef Mark Cabulagan, is “to talk to the whole community in order to develop a resident-driven menu.”

Residents present at the Lakeside event were happy to engage in a lively discussion with the chefs. They requested healthier options, better coffee and seafood, and more supervisors in the dining room.

For healthier food choices, residents suggested whole-grain breads and pasta, lower sodium, unbuttered vegetables, better seafood cooked simply, and no crab with a “K.” Chef Julian said that new coffee vendors were being explored and new machines will be ordered.

Chef remarked that any vegetable in the kitchen could be ordered steamed. He explained that sufficient kitchen staff is in place—six chefs, cooks and managers means three for each kitchen. Supervisors work with servers and may be assisting them, but are always available to residents—just ask.

Residents applauded Leslie Hornbeck, our Pastry Chef of seven years. Requests to her included more rhubarb, especially strawberry rhubarb pie. For late risers, Chef Leslie suggested a second pastry delivery.

Chef Mark gave a market overview and said vendors will be invited for seasonal/price updates and produce samples.

Better communication equals better food!