By Pat Grant

Kathleen DeLeo, our new Associate Executive Director, presents herself as a friendly, competent, outgoing person with a great smile and a good sense of humor—all useful qualities in the #2 person in management at La Costa Glen. Her areas of responsibility are being developed between Kathleen and Keith Kasin, our Executive Director, as she continues in training, learning the campus and how LCG works.

Kathleen’s education and experience have prepared her well for duties at LCG. She majored in art and social work and received a Master’s degree in Public and Social Work at Boston University. She served as coordinator of outpatient psychiatry and therapy at Boston hospital.

Why San Diego? Well, says Kathleen, she wanted a change. Boston winters are brutal, she has family in San Diego, and has always loved visiting here. Also, no small point, she is marrying a local math teacher in July and they will live locally.

In San Diego, Kathleen has worked with dementia patients at private day care centers and at Silverado. She has her CCRC accreditation and comes to us most recently from The Vi at La Jolla, where she was Director of Resident Services for 8 years, overseeing not only the security and wellness programs, but also other services such as concierge and valet.

Kathleen says she especially enjoys the energy she has observed at LCG.

What does she do for fun? She enjoys reading and golf, but admits she is not very good at golf. San Diego may be a better place to practice golf than Boston, but the way things look, Kathleen’s time on the course may be somewhat limited in the near future!

Please welcome Kathleen DeLeo when you meet our new Associate Executive Director.