La Costa Glen woodworking team at La Costa Glen. Courtesy Del Mar Times

La Costa Glen woodworking team at La Costa Glen. Courtesy Del Mar Times

A group of La Costa Glen residents are making sure local children in need will have a toy under the Christmas tree this year. The woodworking elves of La Costa Glen have spent nearly a year creating 100 handmade toy trucks of all shapes and sizes to be donated to North County children.

The lead elf of sorts is Tom Woodbury. This retired IBM employee picked up woodworking more than two decades ago. After moving into La Costa Glen, he became friends with the woodworkers of the community, and they began making these toys for local charities inside the hobby room of the community.

The trucks are crafted from 39 pieces of wood, including walnut, cherry, and mahogany. About a half dozen woodworkers spent the year making around 4,000 parts that would eventually make up the toys. Once the parts are created, it takes about four hours to assemble. They finish each toy with a little paint and a whole lot of love.

“It’s all handmade, and a lot of love and care goes into putting it together,” said Tom Woodbury, a member of the toymaking team.

Tom says he and his fellow elves know their hard work is making an impact in the lives of children in need. This year, the toys will be donated to charities including the Casa De Amparo in North County.

Toymaker Carolyn Rowland says she enjoys being part of the team.

“I feel very blessed, and I’m thankful for being able to live here. And one way to show that thanks is to give back to the community,” said Rowland.

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