By Les Besser

Mark Alsop

Mark Alsop

Mark Alsop was deeply influenced by his parents’ dedication of assisting seniors; they owned a residential home-care unit. After completing his LDS Church missionary assignment in the Philippines and graduating from the University of Hawaii, he took various jobs without finding complete satisfaction. Looking for more fulfillment, he joined Cambridge Healthcare Services, and within a few years he was promoted to Executive Director of their Modesto branch. That is when LCG reached out to him with an invitation to interview at GlenBrook.

“After a short visit to your Health Center, I knew that this is where I wanted to work,” Mark said. “Beautiful clean facilities, smooth and efficient operation with a friendly staff—these things were beyond my expectations,” he added. “Although my family had mixed feelings about relocation, we soon reached the decision to move.” While looking for a new home nearby, Mark’s wife and three children (daughters age 9 and 2, son age 5) remain in Modesto, but he is planning to see them occasionally for weekends. Once they are all settled, Mark hopes to find time to resume his favorite hobby—surfing.

When asked about his first week on the new job, he replied, “It felt like drinking out of a fire hose.” His short-term work plans: “Continue on the path of the good surveys.”

Please find an opportunity to welcome Mark to our community.