By Les Besser

Six-and-a-half-years ago, Activities Director, Michele Chaffee, asked resident Steve Blumberg to assume the responsibilities of the Lakeside putting competition. At that time, only five or six residents met monthly to compare their putting skills — even though LCG generously provided a bottle of wine for both the men and women’s winners.

Former Manhattan Beach Mayor, Steve, an avid golfer, jumped into action. He said, “I welcome new residents with a call and ask if they enjoy golf. I’ve convinced many former players to join our group, meet new people, and have fun. Before the activity begins, I greet them by enthusiastically announcing, “Welcome to the LCG Lakeside Open!” Besides inviting them, Steve notifies the Glen Vine regularly about their successes, so winners are recognized for their achievements.

Steve’s personal intervention works. The average group size has increased to 25. Instead of meeting once monthly, they play twice, on the second and fourth Saturdays of each month. “Tee-off” is at 10:30 am, and play is generally over by 11:30.

“Do the same residents regularly win?” I asked. “No,” Steve replied. “Because of the handicap system we use, in 11 tournaments this year, 11 different men won.” Incredible!

Good luck is also on the putters’ side. To my amazement, he told me that since he has taken over the group’s management, they haven’t had a single rain cancellation. “Sometimes it rains before our tournaments, sometimes after, but never during,” he said. Looks like he has good connections!

For Steve’s devoted contribution, the group recently provided LCG a set of tee-markers. Their plaques say, “LCG Blumberg Open.”

Interested? Show up on Saturday to join the group, but remember — you must wear two pairs of socks to compete!

Why? In case you get a hole in one. Ha-ha-ha!