By Pat Grant

The Technology Group has recently formed with the idea of sharing the amazing experiences in technology among a number of our LCG residents. The organizers, Fred Johansen, John Rawls, Charlie Ahlfeld, and Bur Goode, have begun a schedule of Technology Group presentations by LCG residents each month on the second Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. in Brentwood Theater (unless otherwise noted). Topics have included the Manhattan Project, Nuclear Weapons, Deep Space, and the Internet. Each presentation is followed by a question and answer period and there is a sign-up for a print-out of the material presented.

The term “technology” showed up in English in the 17th century and is derived from Greek, referring to the scientific study of practical concerns. What seems to happen is that people get together to make the ideas work.

Technology today encompasses multiple disciplines as one field of knowledge builds on another. Areas of interest include industries and products as varied as aerospace, computers, lasers, nuclear submarines, rockets, the environment, medicine and cars. In fact, technology has done more than any factor to change civilization in the last 200 years. While some of us regard the universe as a delightful new engine and can’t wait to get under the hood and see what that funny noise is, others may be alarmed at the speed of change, but intrigued by learning something new and fascinating.

We are in the happy position at LCG of living where many of our residents are willing to share their own amazing experiences in helping to bring about some of these changes. Anyone interested in joining the Technology Group is welcome.