By JoAnn Mullen

Green shoots struggle to break through the black soil’s surface in beauty too sudden for this time of year, the tipping point of spring, when all shades of green return in a lullaby of soft breeze.

The garden will soon be abuzz with nature’s intensity after days of nourishing rain. Colors are more intense in springtime, not washed out by autumn’s rust or summer’s sun but vivid, shiny and rich. Leaves sit in judgment as to whether the timing is right for bursting and budding. If one listens carefully, one could almost hear the world begin to breathe anew.

Concupiscent wrens, crows, and mallards appear from hiding, promising a new season. Orioles twitter and fishbone the sky. Hummingbirds flit from bud to bud in the blink of an eye. Fertility flourishes within the species and the air grows fragrant in earthly delight.

Our LCG grounds will soon be awash in color – yellow-golds, cerulean blues, alizarins, royal purples and all tints and hues of green.

The days of drab gray and sixty-watt gloom are banished by delight in the expansive, easy on the eye colors and the sweetness of spring.