By Sharon Wood

Very gifted and hard-working LCG’ers spend many hours fabricating useful and creative items in our Hobby Shop, located on the corner of Suncup Way and Silverleaf Circle.

Beautiful hardwoods are the raw materials these talented woodworkers use constructing masterpieces.

At the holidays they have their own assembly-line approach, fabricating small, beautiful trucks that any child would love. The individual parts are created in the shop and passed along to be joined and glued. The majority are donated to charities; some are available for purchase.

Production also includes cutting boards, jewelry boxes, winestoppers and handsome wooden pens.

During my visit the following regulars were hard at work: Vic Matricardi, chair, Tom WoodburyBill SpeakmanRon Neuman and Carolyn Rowland. Yes! Women are excellent participants and are welcomed.

Our workshop is incredibly organized and tidy while housing hand tools and large specialized equipment. (My favorite item was the Dust Dog into which sawdust is collected and bagged for removal.)

Damaged furniture pieces may also be carefully restored there by yourself or on consignment.

Our woodworkers always enjoy displaying their final products. You will be awed by the skill and creativity that is housed there.