By Sharon Wood

According to Webster’s, talent equates to “gifted,” and describes “outstanding ability.” Our recent show, “La Costa Glen’s Got Talent,” excelled with truly outstanding abilities—whether they be singing, dancing, or acting. These brought forth a joyous evening for all in the audience!

LCG residents wowed us, once again, with their various talents and artistry. The tappers performed two Broadway numbers: “Steam Heat” and “One.” Dancers also treated us to a 50’s inspired stroll and even a water ballet!

The chorus did a song and dance to the “Charleston” and recreated a scene from “The Music Man.” Claude Chan sang two wonderful songs and Carol Chan accompanied throughout the show on piano.

Four main acting scenes had us laughing: from a very thorough security guard; to Adam meeting Eve; to a couple in distress over their apartment being robbed; to friends mistaking a new dog for a new baby. There were even a few funny looks at life at La Costa Glen.

Special recognition to the show’s director Dan May and the musical director Aurelia Ragan. Their months of devoted work and rehearsals were appreciated.

Keep on tapping, singing, making lovely music, learning your lines and bringing so very much exuberance into our lives. My best attempt at describing all this talent would be: “sparkling,” “joyous,” “humorous” and just plain “GREAT!” A five-star show! Thanks!